The Verdict

The Verdict

  • 1982
  • R
  • 129 min
  • USA
  • drama

A lawyer sees the chance to salvage his career and self-respect by taking a medical malpractice case to trial rather than settling.

Director: Sidney Lumet

Writer: David Mamet

Stars: Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden

The Verdict (1982) The Verdict (1982) Paul Newman in The Verdict (1982) The Verdict (1982) James Mason in The Verdict (1982) Paul Newman in The Verdict (1982)


  • Sidney Lumet
    Sidney Lumet
    Sidney Lumet (June 25, 1924 - April 9, 2011) was an American director, producer and screenwriter with over 50 films to his name. He was nominated for the Academy Award as Best Director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976) and The Verdict (1982). He did not win an individual Academy Award, although he did receive an Academy Honorary Award and 14 of his films were...

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Tagline: The doctors want to settle, the Church wants to settle, their lawyers want to settle, and even his own clients are desperate to settle. But Galvin is determined to defy them all. He will try the case.

Certificate: R

Genres: drama

Keywords: boston, court, malpractice, alcoholic, courtroom, defense attorney

Categories: court, lawyer, medical malpractice, alcoholism, self destructiveness, courtroom drama, archdiocese, judicial system, boston massachusetts, lawsuit, drunkenness, coma victim, trial


Producer: David Brown, Richard D. Zanuck

Editor: Peter C. Frank

Director of photography: Andrzej Bartkowiak

Original music composer: Johnny Mandel

Costume design: Anna Hill Johnstone

Details and Technical Specs

Runtime: 129 min

Country: USA

Language: English

Sound Mix: Mono

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

Color: Color (Technicolor)