The Hunted

The Hunted

  • 2003
  • R
  • 94 min
  • USA
  • action, crime, drama

An FBI deep-woods tracker attempts to capture a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans.

Director: William Friedkin

Writer: Art Monterastelli, David Griffiths, Peter Griffiths

Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio del Toro, Connie Nielsen, Leslie Stefanson, John Finn

An all too familiar chase movie that's not worth the talents involved.

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  • William Friedkin
    William Friedkin
    William Friedkin is an American film director, producer and screenwriter best known for directing The French Connection in 1971 and The Exorcist in 1973; for the former, he won the Academy Award for Best Director. Some of his other films include Sorcerer, Cruising, To Live and Die in L.A., Jade, Rules of Engagement, The Hunted, Bug, and Killer Joe. As mentioned in Friedkin's voice-over...

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Tagline: Some men should not be found.

Certificate: R

Genres: action, crime, drama, thriller

Categories: hunter, fbi, knife, balkan war, woods, psychopathic killer, slaughter, survivalist, maniac, violence, special forces, killing spree, combat, ex soldier, dark past, manhunt


Producer: James Jacks, Ricardo Mestres

Editor: Augie Hess

Casting: Denise Chamian

Director of photography: Caleb Deschanel

Original music composer: Brian Tyler

Costume design: Gloria Gresham

Executive producer: Sean Daniel, Marcus Viscidi, David Griffiths, Peter Griffiths

Production design: William Cruse

Details and Technical Specs

Runtime: 94 min

Country: USA

Language: English

Sound Mix: DTS, Dolby Digital

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

Color: Color