The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt for Red October

  • PG
  • 1990
  • 134 min
  • USA
  • action, adventure, thriller

Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius abandons his orders and heads for the east coast of the United States. Equipped with innovative stealth technology, Ramius' submarine, "Red October," is virtually invisible.

Director: John McTiernan

Screenwriters: Larry Ferguson, Donald Stewart, David Shaber

Stars: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn

Perfectly cast and packed with suspense, The Hunt for Red October is an old-fashioned submarine thriller with plenty of firepower to spare.


  • John McTiernan
    John McTiernan

    John Campbell McTiernan, Jr. (born January 8, 1951) is an American film director and producer, best known for his action films and most identifiable with the three films he directed back-to-back: Predator, Die Hard, and

Main Cast


Producer: Mace Neufeld

Editor: Dennis Virkler, John Wright

Casting: Amanda Mackey

Director Of Photography: Jan de Bont

Original Music Composer: Basil Poledouris

Costume Design: James W. Tyson

Executive Producer: Larry DeWaay, Jerry Sherlock

Production Design: Terence Marsh

Sound: George Watters II, Cecelia Hall, Richard Overton, Don J. Bassman, Kevin F. Cleary, Richard Bryce Goodman

Visual Effects: John Knoll, Scott Squires

Make Up / Hair: Wes Dawn, Dino Ganziano, Jim Kail


Year: 1990

Runtime: 134 min

Country: USA

Language: English, Russian

Color: Color (Technicolor)

Aspect Ratio: 2.39 : 1

Sound Mix: Dolby

Also Known As

  • Caccia a ottobre rosso (IT)


  • Peter Travers (Rolling Stone)

    Though Hunt shows fitful signs of life, it lacks the human drama of Das Boot, the technical dazzle of The Abyss and the old-fashioned brio of Run Silent, Run Deep. Full Review ...

  • Gene Siskel (Chicago Tribune)

    Clancy is known for writing difficult books, but the movie makes plausible a preposterous situation because of Baldwin's convincing, low-key approach to being a film hero.