Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle

  • R
  • 1981
  • 112 min
  • UK
  • romance, thriller, war

A ruthless German spy, trying to get out of Britain with vital information about D-Day, must spend time with a young woman and her crippled husband.

Director: Richard Marquand

Screenwriter: Stanley Mann

Stars: Donald Sutherland, Kate Nelligan, Stephen MacKenna

Richard Marquand concocts a classic spy thriller with two great central performances.


  • Richard Marquand
    Richard Marquand

    Richard Marquand (22 September 1937 - 4 September 1987) was a Welsh film director best known for directing the blockbuster Star Wars film, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983).

Main Cast


Producer: Stephen J. Friedman

Editor: Sean Barton

Casting: Celestia Fox

Director Of Photography: Alan Hume

Original Music Composer: Miklós Rózsa

Costume Design: John Bloomfield

Production Design: Wilfred Shingleton


Source: based on the novel by Ken Follett

Genres: romance, thriller, war

Certificate: R

Categories: world war two, spy, nazi spy, 1940s, u boat, scotland, year 1944, island, storm, british intelligence, secret service, reference to adolf hitler, shipwreck, short wave radio, paraplegic, fake airbase, d-day


Year: 1981

Runtime: 112 min

Country: UK

Language: English, German

Color: Color (Technicolor)

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

Sound Mix: Mono


  • Diego Gal├ín (El Pais)

    The story takes too long to acquire any dramatic sense. This long wait is not compensated by sufficient action or imagination.

  • Gregory Weinkauf (New Times)

    A lovely thriller, a gifted and prematurely departed director.

  • Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)

    Some people will find the movie slow going. I preferred to think of it as deliberate. It is effective, I think, to develop a plot like this at a deliberate pace, instead of rushing headlong through it.